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Lights Out

I’m going to take part in Earth Hour later today – are you?

Across the world, and 8.30pm local time, everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour as a small way of tackling global warning.

Here in Nashville the mayor will be turning out the lights downtown, and lots of bars are hosting candle-lit acoustic evenings.

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3 comments to Lights Out

  • So glad I saw this post just after 8 p.m. on Saturday night!!! Blog Blog Woof Woof also let me know, as I checked his blog just after yours. We made it in time to turn out the lights. Olivia and I sunggled on the couch and read Inkheart together by candlelight. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I want to do that at least once a week. (Every night would be even better, but not likely.)

  • Great Lisa!! So glad you took part! We were out in Brentwood and turned the lights out at a freind’s, then drove back to Nashville and sat on the brow of the hill on 8th Avenue and watched all the lights downtown coming back on at 9.30. Was really cool!

  • Jim Stewart

    Came across this just after reading the Slow Geeks article from James. Got me thinking whether using candles was really saving the planet.
    I ended up doing quite a bit of research on lights (look for luminous efficacy). Candles are so much less effective (but prettier – which is why I make them) than light bulbs (about 1000 times apparently). And the even more efficient lights use small amounts of radioactive material to get them to work.
    I find it hard to get good quality information that helps me to make the right choice. Low energy bulbs must take more energy to make – so taking production, distribution, use and disposal into account which is better?
    Wind power – can I get reliable information – not easily. I did discover wind power has higher carbon emissions than you might think.
    Greenpeace were championing local production recently. Might be good. Might be worse.
    The one thing I do know is that every unit of energy you don’t use at home probably saves about four more being pumped into the atmosphere.
    I’ll opt for swiching lights off until I can find information to make an informed choice.
    And you will be pleased to hear that Earth Hour was sent round as an official notice to all our staff!

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