January 2009
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Liminal States (or between Barack and a hard place?)

It seems apt that my first post since the US election be today, 20th January 2009, as Barack Obama is inaugurated into the office of the President of the United States Of America.

For it is in America that I still find myself; here in Nashville, living and loving to the best of my ability.

So why the quiet?  As the new First Family (as they like to call them here) went through their own transitional period I’ve found myself increasingly feeling adrift.   I left the UK at the end of August knowing only that I followed my heart, and that I needed a long break.  By the time I headed back to the UK for Christmas, I knew no more.

One of the main battles is coming to terms with that.  I have found myself not just devoid of not the schedule, income, and purpose that steady employment brings, but of the identity that comes with it.  I found myself unable to form the words to describe what I’m doing, and why, and completely without the desire to explain it.  ”I am here as a tourist.”  ”I am looking into visa options.”

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who remind me, in my overwhelmed moments, that it’s not a surprise that I’m feeling adrift:  I just moved across an ocean to a whole lot of uncertain.  Bethany called it a Liminal Space.  I had to look it up.  Yup.  That’s me.

So as I watch President Obama taking his oath (and thought with a smile that Andrew Collins can come and visit now) and move from his liminal space into the new callings of his role, I find myself wearing my confusion lighter.  And the muse begins to trickle back.

3 comments to Liminal States (or between Barack and a hard place?)

  • Melinda

    Does the muse say something like “but Anne, with an elegance of mind and sweetness of character, which must have placed her high with any people of real understanding, was nobody with either father or sister; her word had no weight, her convenience was always to give way — she was only Anne”?

  • Constant checking your blog paid off. I want to hear more about your life here. You have me all curious now.

  • Melinda The Hopeful. It didn’t say that today, but I am re-reading the book and I imagine it will be saying things JUST like that, but all modern, in about three weeks time.

    Lisa The Faithful. Sorry I couldn’t do out coffee date this week. I’m going to call again this afternoon and get something concrete!

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