September 2008
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Not Dead (Y’all)

Hello.  I’m sorry.  It’s been CRAZY.  I have LOTS to say and LOTS of photos to put up, but I’m here in Nashville and I’m alive and I have a room and a car and a bank account and a phone and even have my first friend visiting (yay Sammy!) and we’re just heading out to watch my first American Football game after a delicious breakfast at the Pancake Pantry.

Yes.  This is America.

Keep popping by, I PROMISE a gigantic post soon.  Honest.

3 comments to Not Dead (Y’all)

  • Radar

    Hurray! Thanks for the update… looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in the New World.

  • Hey Jude! It’s Diana (your newest sushi eating Comrad in Arms!)
    I just wanted to say that I LOVED meeting you and Sammy! I can’t begin to tell you how much it fills my heart with happiness to both meet such wonderful new friends and even better… To see the true happiness in the eyes of a friend whose eyes used to seem so sad. I can tell right away you are very special and filled with a kindness and goodness that deserves to be shared with all of America!!! So WELCOME to your new home!! I hope that you will find much love and happiness here!!

  • Thanks for hanging in there Radar, and Diana I am SO delighted to have met you!

    Sammy and I agree that you are a Kobi-Beef-quality friend. I hope to see you (and Vance) again soon. x

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