September 2008
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In joke…

Here in sweet Nashville, Tennessee there has been a ‘gas crisis’.  That is, about 10 days ago every station in the city and its surrounding areas ran out of petrol.

Seriously.  They ALL ran out.

As Thomas said, it was like being back in the 1970s.  Queues needing a police marshal, arguments, fights… all CRAZY.  I had to stay at home for most of Friday afternoon as my ‘empty’ light was on and I couldn’t find a station that was safe enough to drive to!  J&T called to tell me of a place in East Nashville, David lent me a couple of gallons to get there… and I was fine, but the madness continued  across the weekend and into this week.

Even today I’d say around 50% of petrol station are still out – or rather they get a fresh supply, have a massive surge in customers, and then run out again!

The cause of the crisis?  NOTHING.  Yes, there had been one or two smaller station that were out of petrol for a day or two because of the disruption that hurricane Ike caused, but this was totally cause by panic.  It’s the same thing that causes folk around these parts to rush out to buy milk and bread when 1mm of snow is forecast.  A rumour started, some people got worried and started buying more petrol than they needed, a couple more station ran out, the local news picked up on it, and before we knew it… lines down the highway and people starting fist fights.  Incredible.

On the local paper’s website was this brilliant (and potty-mouthed) clip.  It’s very ‘in’, but anyone from Nashville will laugh till they puke.

I can’t embed it… but go here if you’re interested.

4 comments to In joke…

  • I had tears!!! I’m sending it to everyone I know!!!! I can’t believe how hilarious that is!

  • Thanks for not giving up on me Lisa! Lovely to know you’re reading. Now… about that coffee…

  • LOVED this clip – I sent it to a few people, too. “We are going to blow the SHIT out of Brentwood!” Priceless.

  • I find it funny how many Americans think they have to have a HUGE SUV just to run errands around town. While I don’t like the gas prices, it kinda makes me feel good to see people in this big elephants on wheels filling their tanks and looking all mad. I feel their pain, so to speak, but they chose that lifestyle, not me.

    Amazing how the entire world can survive in small cars, but in the USA we think we have to have minitanks.

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