September 2008
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Arriving, continued…

After the first weekend, the next two weeks were filled with the stuff of ‘arriving’.

It has all gone amazingly smoothly – with one exception which we’ll get to in a bit.  I’m fully installed in my lovely room at Ann’s house, complete with new furniture bought from the Salvation Army and painted/sanded so it looks AWESOME.


My Car is wonderful too.  She’s been named ‘The Crayolla’ by Dave for her make, colour and since it’s my stater car… and after a little tweaking she passed her omissions test with flying colours and is now the proud owner of a brand new Radnor Lake license plate ($30 goes to my favourite National Park).

The Crayolla
The Crayolla

I was fabulously surprised to be able to open a bank account, I’ve got a phone, spent a fortune on bedding and the like at Target (I could live there) and have generally made myself at home.

I also received my first visitor in the shape of wonderful Sammy, with whom we had an incredible weekend, including a trip to my first American Football game.

I Gots Pep! Sammy Gots Pep!
I Gots Pep! So Does Sammy!

So the only thing to have gone awry so far is that the 2 boxes I shipped are yet to arrive, and one is, at the moment, lost.  I’m still anxious, but hopeful.  I’ve made firm friends with the lady at the shipping company, and on my last call she told me  that they think it maybe in Atlanta.  Checking out some Hip Hop maybe?  Anyway – I don’t know which box it is, but both have irreplaceable, precious things like all the art I’ve collected in recent years, photos from childhood, and trinkets I got from Grandma’s house after she died.  Not to mention 90% of my clothes and books.  If you’re the praying sort… please ask for their return!

It was driving away from the Airport, having left Sammy to leave that it really hit me:  I live here.

2 comments to Arriving, continued…

  • Louise (ne Moat)

    I’m not one for long, drawn out prayers (I don’t think His attention span can be as good as it used to be- lots going on) but I found this…

    St. Anthony, St. Anthony
    Please come down
    Something is lost
    And can’t be found

    …Another pair of eyes looking might be of help.

  • England’s loss is America’s gain my dear Jude, fabulous photos and blogs, forever a bit of you will be embedded in greenbelt, and i just know we havent seen the last of you…

    wishing for you everything beautiful in your new homeland,



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